Diagnosing ADSL connections using the ADSL Device


When you are diagnosing an ADSL connection the best way to view the physical capabilities and goings on of your Telephone line is by logging into the ADSL device and viewing the Status of the connection.


Open your web browser and type the private IP address of the ADSL Router in the Address field:, ie,




After connecting to the device, you will be prompted to enter username and password. By default, the username is admin and the password is admin.




Status Menu


Once you are connected, click on the Status menu at the top. You will see an overview of the ADSL Device, a breakdown of the different fields follow.




Report these Speeds to the Wholesale Provider if they are below these values. Ensure that Customer Premise Equipment has been proven before escalating to the Wholesale Provider.


ADSL Line Status


Click on the ADSL Line option to the left to see the following screen.




The most important information on this screen is the Line Rate (both Downstream and Upstream). See the ADSL Speed area above for more information on what to expect for these rates.


Internet Connection Status

To view information on the Internet connection click the Status option to the left called Internet Connection.




The important Information here is:

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